After Purchase-How to Prepare your Inclusions

Shortly after finalizing your sale you Will be EMAILED a full list of instructions with information on:

* Where to send your items

* How to Prepare and Package them

* A job form to fill out for inside your parcel - including colour choices. 

Please read these thoroughly. 



PLEASE NOTE: the following information is just as a rough idea. The instructions that are emailed to you are tailored to your order and provide a more accurate brief on how to prepare everything for us. Please make sure you follow your email instructions 





please send approximately 10ml of Breastmilk. Fresh or pre-Frozen is fine, but it must be defrosted before sending. Pop this into a sealed ziplock bag or small plastic bottle and then into two more ziplock bags and then seal with tape to avoid any leaks. Please clearly name your inclusions. 




please only send PRE DRIED Placenta. If it is not already dried, you can either get a specialist to encapsulate it for you, and then send 1x cap per item. Or if this is not an option the next thing you can do is set aside a small slither/portion (we recommend 2cmx2cm) and dry it in the oven gradually at 100 degrees centigrade for several hours until it can easily break/snap in your hands. we will do the rest once here. 


Umbilical Cord:

Please do not provide us with the entire dried cord stump, just what you’re comfortable sending, we will send back whatever is not used.
pop this into a ziplock bag with your name and address on the front 




Hair or Pet Fur:

please send a small lock of hair, whatever you're comfortable providing, we can work with as little as one strand up to a small bunch. Approximately 2cm long is a perfect amount. 



 Cremation Ashes:

Please provide us with approximately 1 teaspoon of ashes. This will be ample for between 1-8 items (depending on the size of the items ordered will depend how many pieces can be crafted, but we will divide the ashes equally amongst your order) anything left over will be sent home to you with your finished order. Pop this into a ziplock bag, seal with tape and clearly name it. 


Clothing or Materials:

Please provide a snippet approximately  2cm x 2cm of clothing or materials you wish to use.  Make sure it is clearly labelled.




Flowers or Wedding Flora:

if sending flowers they will need to be pre dried, to do so please pop them between two layers of paper towels and then sandwich this between two flat saucer plates, pop this all into the microwave and heat in one minute bursts, checking after each minute until they are completely dried. Once done, pop your selection into a labeled ziplock bag 


Sand/soil or Formula:

Please send around 1teaspoon inside a sealed ziplock bag, make sure your name and address have been written on the front. 


 * Please make sure you fill out and include  your job form inside your parcel so once everything arrives at the workshop no one is confused as to what they’re making and nothing gets missed from your order!! 

We will need you to write down the following details inside your parcel:

* your name

* a return address 

* the item/items you have ordered, along with the colours etc you’d like to have added. Eg: 1x Breastmilk bead with rose gold flecks, pearl dust and rose gold caps. 

These details are essential to make sure your items are created perfectly for you and returned home safely when completed!!! Any items with missing information will be returned.