Refunds, Returns and Exchanges.


Please choose carefully when deciding on your Keepsakes, their inclusions and the sparkles, shimmers or colours.

Refunds are not made for simple change of mind! 

When you place an order our team immediately start custom making the base of your item to suit your preferences (these aren’t kept in stock and are ONLY made when ordered) therefore meaning this keepsake has been custom made for you from start to finish, a refund cannot be made for simple change of mind! 

Upon completion of your order; each individual keepsake is made from your personal DNA inclusions so they obviously cannot be reused or resold, therefore making them of no personal use to anyone else, so once they have been created for you, they can only be refunded if deemed faulty by our jewellery designer!

HOWEVER, If the item is not entirely to taste from what you had in mind then you are more than welcome to send them back to us for rework, we will do our best to adapt the keepsake to something more suited to what you had in mind. 

If the item is Faulty and customer care is not the issue, our first step will be to repair it. A refund will only be available after the item has arrived back at our head office and has been checked over, if it is deemed as faulty with no way of repair and a refund is requested then we will do so. If a client has not followed our care instructions and an item becomes faulty this is No fault of ours and we are not responsible. 

If the item is faulty but you would rather it be repaired then we are also able to offer this service. Depending on if the item has broken due to manufacturers fault or customer error will determine if a cost will incur.

Or if the item is deemed Faulty with no way of repair and you would like an in store credit then this is also available. 

Shipping is NON REFUNDABLE and will be deducted from the total cost of refund. 

- Please be aware that when purchasing handmade, each item will be totally unique to any other. No two items will ever be the same. Shimmer, Flecks and sparkles will settle differently each time. If you have a specific item that we have made previously in mind we will do our best to replicate that for you, but please be aware that it will never be exact, and an item IS NOT classed as faulty because it is not quite the same, rework can be done to make it something you're happier with, but a refund WILL NOT be given to anything that is not genuinely faulty! Please be aware of this when purchasing Handmade. 

If your piece is faulty due to lack of customer care or has been worn in the water and becomes faulty - this is No fault of ours. Each client is sent care instructions on how to look after their keepsakes and if these are not followed and an item becomes faulty then we hold no responsibility. 

Vouchers are NON refundable 

Please Send your inclusions to us to create your keepsakes within 8 months from your order date. Due to price and product changes that naturally occur if we have not received your parcel within 8 months, we reserve the right to void your order - all costs incurred to us will be retained as we cannot be refunded for these once our staff/designers have been commissioned to create their bits. Upon placing an order and contracting with us to create your keepsakes you are acknowledged that it is your responsibility to have your parcel sent to us ASAP (within 8 months) and that a refund cannot be made in full if we have already outsourced supplies and metals. 

If your circumstances change within the first 7 days of placing your order and you need to change the inclusion type for your keepsake or need to cancel part of your order please email us (within the first 7 days!) to discuss your options. 


On the very rare occurrence that anything should happen to your parcel when shipped to/from our location:

ICE - Keepsake Jewellery cannot be held responsible for any negligence from the courier/customs team or for any MPI fees where applicable

Upon sending your parcel to us you acknowledge that we are not responsible for any missing items or MPI charges nor are we responsible for any refunds due to courier or MPl error.

We are simply here to create your keepsake items and are not responsible for courier/MPI members