- Where are you Located?

We Own and Run a workshop in Ruatangata, Whangarei, New Zealand, and Yes we receive and ship Globally.


- Do you ship globally 

Yes we do.


- Do your beads fit ‘Pandora’ style bracelets?

YES - All of our charms fit all standard style charm bracelets

- I’m local, Can I hand deliver the inclusions to you?

While we definitely prefer all items are posted to us, along with notes and instructions catered to your order, Yes, you can hand deliver your items. HOWEVER, Please contact us first as we will NEED to create a booking time for you. We also run a casting service where we cast babies/families hands and feet and we also do ANGEL casting, which means a booking is essential, you cannot just turn up at the workshop unannounced, it is not a place suited for the general public to just turn up due to the nature of our business, and we may be busy casting an Angel with a mourning family who do not wish to be disturbed. Due to how busy we are we sometimes cant create a booking for you for several weeks so if your order is urgent we advise you post it to us :) - PLEASE email us if you wish to discuss this further.


- Colour Choices - What colours/flecks can I choose?

we hand make our colours to suit your order so you have free range to choose the colours you would like and we will do our best to match that. Shortly after you place your order you will be emailed a job form that you fill out and send to us, on this form is where you write all of your colour choices

- What are your turn around times?

turn around time varies depending on the items being created please see our ‘turn around times’ page for more info. 


- how do I know where to send it to? and the amount to send? 

upon completing your order you are automatically emailed a list of instructions tailored to your inclusions, you also get sent the workshop address and all of the information on how to prepare everything. If you cannot find this email please check your spam inbox, and if you still can’t see it please email us and we will send it again. 


- Can I wear my Jewellery in the shower/swimming??  

In short, the answer is No. No jewellery, at all, should ever be worn for long periods of time in the water. All jewellery begins to tarnish over time if worn in the water, and keepsake jewellery is so much more precious as it is one of a kind and filled with your irreplaceable items, the risk of damage may be small but it is still not a risk worth taking. 


- I have sent my parcel to you, can you let me know when it arrives?

Yes - it is part of our job to ALWAYS let each client know when their parcels arrive, we work with such precious inclusions and we wouldn’t want anyone worrying where their items are so as soon as your parcel arrives at the workshop you will receive a confirmation message and a photo of the parcel. 


- What Inclusions can you put into your keepsake items?

Almost anything you wish. We work with an array of DNA and precious inclusion items.. Breastmilk, Formula, Hair or Fur, Cremains, Placenta, Umbilical Cord, Sand, Shells, Soil, Flowers and plant matter, Embryo, Clothing or Material, handwriting, photos, teeth, the List goes on!! If you are unsure please just send us a message as we often custom create to cater to special ideas 

- Do you have an online sizing chart for your rings?

No we don’t. We always recommend to get accurately sized by a jeweller in your town, just to avoid any potential incorrect estimates/sizing from an online chart. 
we work in number and letter sizing, so if need be, just pop us a message once you’ve been sized and we can tell you what to select from the options. Eg: if you’ve been told you’re a size 6 In numbers, it would be a size L in letters :)