Meet the Team at ICE

Ash; the boss lady, designer and owner of ICE is the one you will speak to via email, facebook and instagram, majority of the time. 

Ash is the one who does all of the precious  inclusion settings in each keepsake piece. 

Wife, and Mama of two little boys. 

Ash puts her heart and soul into every keepsake that comes through our workshop doors. She is passionate about her job and wants each and every client to be left with a happy experience when coming to ICE. 

Above: Ash


Christine; head goldsmith, ring designer and all round amazing in general.

Christine is the one who makes a lot of our leading ring designs in solid gold or silver, from the Elegant Florence ring featured below, to our Mens signet ring, she can do it all. 

 Pictured below: Christine


Jo; Is our head Silversmith, Jo makes our Chantelle ring, Mens textured ring, Camryn and more. Jo specifically works with silver and is incredible at what she does. Also running ‘precious imprints Jewellery’ 

pictured below: Jo and Family


Petar from Punto Art Bazaar; creates our Kings Crown Skull rings. Beautiful tasteful rings for Men or Women, crafted from sterling silver or brass. 



Jess from Wrapped Gems; is our go to girl for wrapping our cabochon pendants. She does an incredible job each time, and every piece comes from the heart. 

Pictured below: Jess and her Daughters